The previous Bandung International Conferences on Language & Education:

1st - 1995 Teaching English to University Undergraduates in the Indonesian Context: Issues and Developments 2nd - 1997 English in High Schools and Universities in Indonesia: Bridging the Gap 3rd - 2000 Testing and Evaluation in the Context of Undergraduate English Language Teaching in Indonesia 4th - 2002 Autonomy: Perspectives from the English Language Classroom, Challenges for English Language Teaching Organisations 5th - 2004 Teaching English to Young Learners: Why and How? 6th - 2006 Competency-Based English Teaching: Theory and Reality 7th - 2008 Teachers’ Competencies and Qualifications for ELT in Indonesia 8th - 2010 Internationalisation in Education: Implications for ELT in Indonesia 9th - 2012 Language, Development and Identity 10th - 2014 The Language Curriculum and Assessment